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Stine Bidstrup and Bjørn Friborg at Kunstetagerne Museum for Modern Art in Hobro, Denmark

GLAS!!! Danish Experimental Glass Art at Kunstetagerne Museum for Modern Art, Hobro, Denmark
June 8–September 21, 2024

The exhibition GLAS!!! Danish Experimental Glass Art presents 12 of Denmark's leading experimental glass artists. The exhibition's distinguished lineup conveys both the current diversity and the trends that point forward in both figurative and abstract glass art. The participants have been chosen to show the diversity that has emerged in recent years, with glass artists challenging the traditional function of glass with experiments in both material, technique, expression and narrative. The artists bring glass into a visual artistic context by creating sculptures and installations from the "unstable" material. 

Exhibiting artists include Stine Bidstrup, Pernille Braun, Ned Cantrell, Steffen Dam, Bjørn Friborg, Micha Karlslund, Morten Klitgaard, Karen Lise Krabbe, Karin Mørch, Jonas Noël Niedermann, Karen Nyholm and Lotte Thorsøe.

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