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Shozo Michikawa in The Buzz!

Meanwhile, at Hostler Burrows’ Tribeca outpost, HB381, all eyes are on Japanese ceramicist Shozo Michikawa’s latest expressive, gestural sculptures. THE INBETWEEN features works inspired by the artist’s memories of a major volcanic event in 1977 on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaidō. The active volcano Mount Usu erupted four times in just three days, and columns of white ash rose to ten kilometers in height, traversing the troposphere, inundating the stratosphere—and the landscape was redefined. Michikawa has transmuted memories of nature’s force and potential for sudden rupture via a series of twisted, torqued, and rough-hewn sculptures. The work initiates a dialogue with the traditions of Japanese ceramics, welcoming imperfection, distortion, and the creation of fault lines within the surfaces of hand-thrown vessels.

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