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Marianne Nielsen’s “Leaf, stem, twig” Exhibition Receives Award from Danish Arts Foundation

Marianne Nielsen was selected by the Danish Arts Foundation for her HB381 solo exhibition "Leaf, stem, twig."

The Danish Arts Foundation described the exhibition – on view at HB381 from May 3 through June 15 – as follows: “Marianne Nielsen has created a series of delicate works that quietly tell a grand ceramic story. With titles such as ‘Leaf Crown,’ ‘Elder,’ and ‘Oak,’ she frames her leaf-shaped pieces with understated confidence. The sculptures are captivating; rich in detail and able to portray the fragility and lightness of individual leaves through the hard medium of ceramics... Marianne Nielsen’s ability to highlight the mundane through her craftsmanship creates connections across time, encouraging gentle reflection and perhaps a little bit of extra care.”

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