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Marianne Huotari and Pekka Paikkari at Kuopio Art Museum

Paratiisi: Collection Kakkonen with Marianne Huotari, Ninni Luhtasaari, Pekka Paikkari, and Armi Teva at Kuopio Art Museum, Kuopio, Finland
June 7–September 1, 2024

Marianne Huotari, Ninni Luhtasaari, Pekka Paikkari and Armi Teva have been invited to participate in the museum exhibition Paratiisi (Paradise), which puts their work into dialogue with the older masters from the Kakkonen Collection. All four artists represent the abundance of contemporary ceramic art styles. The Finnish form is often perceived as strictly functional and reduced, even quite serious. Paratiisi tells a different story about sprawling, colorful, and even comical ceramic art. In the exhibition, the old masters of ceramics from Elin Juselius to Birger Kaipiainen meet the most interesting artists of contemporary ceramic art today.

The internationally known Marianne Huotari's roots in textile art are visible in her ceramic works. Ninni Luhtasaari and Armi Teva go crazy with materials and art. Pekka Paikkari's works combine massiveness and sensitivity.

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