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Karen Bennicke and Marianne Nielsen in Apollo Magazine

Hostler Burrows, a gallery with outposts in New York and Los Angeles, is offering works by the Danish artists Karen Bennicke (b. 1943) and Marianne Nielsen (b. 1971). Bennicke’s terracotta sculpture Station, inspired by modernist architecture, is blackened, faceted, creviced and knobby – it seems suited for being launched into outer space, to lumber along the surface of another planet, recording atmospheric and geological measurements.

Nielsen assembles filigrees of glazed stoneware modelled on plant parts. Avocado and Leaf Crown, her works on view at TEFAF, dance on the tips of foliage. In an essay for a current exhibition of Nielsen’s work at Hostler Burrows’ Tribeca gallery HB381 (Leaf, stem, twig, until 15 June), the critic Glenn Adamson calls her botanical pieces "modest, self-effacing to the point of being stealthy" as they manage to "beguilingly update" trompe-l’oeil traditions such as 19th-century glass flowers.

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