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John Shea in The Buzz!

Launched last spring as an offshoot of collectible design gallery Hostler Burrows, HB381 is a dedicated space for solo artist presentations focusing primarily on contemporary Nordic sculpture and ceramics. The Tribeca gallery’s current show—Standard, Abstract—features American ceramic artist John Shea’s latest body of work.  The series starts from a shaped, wooden base, upon which the artist hand builds his forms by pinching together small balls of clay; when finished, they’re evocative of crystals viewed through a microscope. Shea’s gorgeously muted color palette is drawn from Japanese painter Sanzo Wada’s 1932 book, A Dictionary of Color Combinations—think raspberry, dusty green, and bluish-purple—and the combination of color and form is at once calming and splendidly curious. ’Til February 25th.

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