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Jasmin Anoschkin and Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl Featured in Barron's

Hostler Burrows in New York is featuring ceramic works by two Nordic artists with very different practices, although both based in clay. The Finnish artist Jasmin Anoschkin, born in 1980, creates animated sculptures of made-up creatures that reflect contemporary folk art and pop culture. The glazed stoneware pieces are “playful and very childlike and just full of life,” Dee says. 

The earthenware by Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl, born in 1954 in Denmark, is based more in architecture and design, appearing as “spatial drawings.” 

“The gallery, which is an expert in this area, is really showing the range of intergenerational conversations in the Nordic countries around this medium and what is possible—from the very high tenacity focus on process to what I would call the more gestural or expressive potentials of the medium,” Dee says. 

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